Kapil Sibal challenges everyone to debate over anything at anytime in anyplace

After union minister Kapil Sibal challenged Narendra Modi to debate, he has extended this challenge to everyone by inviting everyone to debate with him over anything at anytime in anyplace. Participants will be able to choose the topic for debate and also language in which he wishes to debate.

Kapil Sibal waiting for someone to respond to his challenge of debate with anyone over anything at anytime in anyplace

Kapil Sibal waiting for someone to respond to his challenge of debate with anyone over anything at anytime in anyplace

“All you need is an aadhaar card !” – added Kapil Sibal after challenging the entire world for a debate. “I love debates. I am open to use any language from Hindi, English, sign languages and languages used by chimps or even terrorists. I hereby summon everyone – especially Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai to join me in a debate. I am ready to take on any question on behalf of UPA government from any field as long as it’s not hurting UPA’s image or challenge my zero loss theory. I will soon publish a list of suggested topics if you can not come up with any.”

“I have even thought of a panel who will be the judge.” – said Digvijay Singh when media approached him for a comment. “I have appointed myself, Karan Johar and Kapil Sharma to enact as judge for Kapil Sibal’s debate. The entire debate will be posted live on social media once we filter the content out based on Kapil Sibal’s policy.”

A group of drunkards from chandani bar have approached Kapil Sibal’s office with subject of item numbers to take up the debate challenge put up by Kapil Sibal. They have been asked to stay in queue and wait for their chance as Kapil Sibal’s office has already received multiple applications from homeless donkeys and existing Aakash tablets.

  • Another pappu

    did rahul gandhi actually go to school? i thought he is an literate !

  • Monnika Bisht

    Is CBI already doing a crime investigation on Doon School? Is the principal of Doon school under scanner? Is NCERT banning Doon School from using its course curriculam? Are they (the congress sarkar) forefeiting Doon School campus and relocating it from Dehradoon to Jhumri Talaiya????

    • Pappu Gandhi

      Those are too many questions at the same time. You might confuse Rahul Gandhi or you will have to wait for another five years to get your answers !

    • namo4pm

      I highly doubt if rahul gandhi secured admission in doon school based on merit. Good that my son didn’t get admission there, else he’ll also become a pappu like rahul gandhi.

  • popat

    Let’s all follow rahul gansdhi now and use our hands. Lolz

  • modi4pm

    It will not be a shock if UPA govt really comes up with this kind of ban!

  • guest

    I use hand as seen on congress flag from the rear side, every morning. Hence it is not appropriate of congress to ban sex. This is because Indians have only one pass time: Producing babies. More so if that Indian is following proselytizing faith.