NASA offers job of counting stars to Rahul Gandhi after he accurately counts mosquitoes

After Rahul Gandhi declared his successful attempt of counting mosquitoes in Bundelkhand, NASA has approached this man with exceptional accuracy at counting tiny items. NASA wants Rahul Gandhi to join it’s project of counting stars.

Rahul Gandhi executing complex algorithm of counting stars in his mind at NASA headquarters

Rahul Gandhi executing complex algorithm of counting stars in his mind at NASA headquarters

“Rahul Gandhi is a man of Olympian talent !” – said a spokesperson at NASA’s stars counting project WISE. “We always needed someone with a sharp eye and strong mathematical skills who can execute complex tasks of counting without loosing track of it. We were really astonished when we heard the news that Rahul Gandhi precisely counted 25,000 mosquitoes in Bundelkhand. From the earth, stars appear no bigger than mosquitoes. Infact, counting starts is lot more easier than counting mosquitoes as mosquitoes are moving objects. If he can count black and moving mosquitoes in daytime, he sure can count shining and stationary stars at night !”

“He also has deep domain understanding of space. He knows escape velocity of Jupiter too !” – added NASA’s spokesperson.

“Rahul Gandhi has a very unique way of dealing with numbers.” – Informed Rahul Gandhi’s primary school teacher at Doon school. “He looks at similar looking objects and store their snapshots in memory. In spare time, he brings those memories back and runs his complex algorithm of pattern matching and thus counting objects. With this algorithm, he comes up with most accurate count. When he was a child, he looked at Congress party’s election symbol just once and within eight months he came back to me and said FIVE fingers ! Right then I knew Rahul baba is going places !” recalled Rahul Gandhi’s teacher.

“This is not the first time Rahul baba has put his talent to use. We have used his algorithm to count total loss in 2G scam and that’s how we derived the conclusion that total loss was zero.” – revealed Kapil Sibal while answering a reporter’s question that why Rahul Gandhi is not using his counting skills to count how many scams took place under UPA government.

Meanwhile, Robert Vadra and DLF are trying to workout a deal with NASA for acquiring land on first 30% of stars that Rahul Gandhi counts before next financial year.

Media was denied Rahul Gandhi’s comment on this development as currently he is busy counting his 16,000 tribal wives.

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    Dumbo gandhi can’t even count fingers! Forget the job!