Rahul Gandhi takes a cue from AAP’s victory, forms Aam Aurat Party (AAP)

Before Delhi could recover from AAP’s surprising election victory this sunday, Rahul Gandhi has brought another shocker for Delhiites. Taking learnings from Aam Aadmi Party – (AAP)‘s victory, Rahul Gandhi has announced formation of Aam Aurat Party (AAP). Mr Gandhi mentioned that “clearly Congress had failed to connect to common people and that has made them loose in this elections bigtime. But still, there is a chance for Congress to survive in the form of Aam Aurat Party (AAP) under his leadership.”

After Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Will Rahul Gandhi be able to reinstate people’s trust with his newly formed Aam Aurat Party

After Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Will Rahul Gandhi be able to reinstate people’s trust with his newly formed Aam Aurat Party

“Through these elections, the people have delivered a message. That message has been taken by me and our party not just with our minds, but with our hearts.”, added Mr Gandhi while referring to Aam Aadmi Party. “The message clearly is that aam aadmi (common man) has power to bring any change he wants. But why is this power owned by only one gender? Women in our democracy should have equal right and Congress can not allow a gender biased party to take charge of Delhi.”

“So what if congress has lost in this elections? With our Aam Aurat Party (AAP), we are sure to come back into power.” – concluded Mr Rahul Gandhi.

Post this announcement, Rahul Gandhi also shared names of initial few key members of Aam Aurat Party (AAP), mainly being Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone.

“We want to position those members to whom people of India can connect more easily. And who could be better than everyone’s beloved Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone ! They come from common families and they live among the masses. They sure will gain people’s trust once people notice their face.” – Rahul Gandhi revealed his five years strategy.

“With Poonam and Sunny on our side, I am sure that not only aam aurat, but also aam aadmi will vote for us.” – smiled Kapil Sibal while praising Rahul baba for this game-changing initiative.

Pocket mirror – the election symbol of Aam Aurat Party (AAP)

Pocket mirror – the election symbol of Aam Aurat Party (AAP)

While unveiling the election symbol of Aam Aurat Party, Digvijay Singh added that “Not every women uses jhaadu. Women in India has advanced to vacuum cleaner now. Pocket mirror is an accessory that every common women in India uses. It’s pocket mirror where every common women finds her worth and sees what powerful personality she carries. Pocket mirror doesn’t only show the face of it’s user, but it also shows the person who can change the face of India.”

“Aam Aurat Party is the only hope for gender biased Indian society where women has always been neglected. I want every woman in India to get same respect as what I have been getting from the prime minister of India.” Said Sonia Gandhi while announcing Rakhi Sawant’s name as the party’s candidate for next Delhi assembly elections. “Rakhi Sawant has already done well for the society through Raakhi ka Insaaf. Now it’s time that Rakhi does an Insaaf for entire Delhi.”

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