Rahul Gandhi’s secretary misplaces his Independence day cheat sheet, Sonia Gandhi fires him

“Not a day of politics, will talk tomorrow.” Said Rahul Gandhi after PM’s speech while fumbling in his pockets as he realized that cheat sheet he was provided had been misplaced. Rahul Gandhi’s disappointment and anger resulted into dismissal of his secretary who had misplaced Rahul Gandhi’s cheat sheet of anti-modi pointers to be presented in front of media.

Rahul Gandhi had to manage without such cheat sheet on India's 9th Independence day

Rahul Gandhi had to manage without such cheat sheet on India’s 9th Independence day

Immediately after honorable prime minister Narendra Modi concluded his speech from Red Fort, media turned their attention to Congress flag bearer Mr Gandhi for his verdict on Modi’s speech. However, they were let down by Mr Gandhi who still kept his hands in his pocket and continued looking for notes.

Anonymous sources suggested that they were sure about such blunder happening as Rahul Gandhi’s secretary wasn’t any good at his job. “Few days back, he misplaced Mr Gandhi’s list of all shows of POGO TV he was planning to watch. Rahul Gandhi complained about it to Sonia ma’m and she gave him second chance. But today it had crossed all the limits.”

We tried getting a reaction from his secretary who clearly seemed broken hearted. “I have always efficiently managed all notes for Rahul sir and whenever a note went missing, I have handled the situation by other means. After Nepal earthquake, at Nepal embassy, when Rahul Gandhi mixed his tribute note with Jupiter Velocity Theory, I was the one who immediately sent a copy of original notes to his phone via WhatsApp. Even today, just to avoid such situation, I had inserted multiple copies of his speech into pockets all of the kurtas he might be wearing. I have no idea how the note went missing.”

R&D Department of NASA has offered a permanent solution to this. “We can create a micro sized 3D printer which will stay in his pockets all the time. Whenever he needs cheat sheet on anything, we can simply email it to his smartphone and it will automatically be printed in his phone as this 3D printer will stay connected with the phone using Bluetooth. Or we can just give him Google Glass so that he can refer to notes while speaking in public, or even watch POGO TV and none will know ! He has been an avid contributor at NASA in our counting stars project. This is the least we can do for him.”