Stray dogs arrested for barking at Robert Vadra’s car

A group of stay dogs was arrested by Robert Vadra’s servents government authority in Delhi after they started barking at Robert Vadra’s car today afternoon. Delhi police mentioned that these dogs were posing serious threat to Mr Vadra’s life – the husband of Priynka Gandhi and son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi.

CCTV footage of dogs bullying Robert Vadra’s car near Amar colony, Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi

CCTV footage of dogs bullying Robert Vadra’s car near Amar colony, Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi

The details of this example of quick action by Delhi police were revealed to be as, soon after a businessman was fined for dangerously overtaking Robert Vadra’s car, few street dogs started following his car. This group of innocent looking violent dogs surrounded the car and started barking. “They even chased Mr Vadra’s car despite the fact that they noticed his VIP number. They sure had intentions of harming the honest businessman who only strives to own explore more land. Just like Christopher Columbus !” – added SHO of Lajpat Nagar police station.

Digvijay Singh has endorsed this action by Delhi police while accusing the dogs to be members of RSS. “The attack was too organized for stray dogs. Only RSS can train dogs to attack poor Vadra who was on way to sign another land deal. RSS is not man enough, now they are relying on dogs. We will execute a campaign to kick away all stray dogs from Muslim localities. Who knows, they might be working for Modi too !”

“We never had intentions of hurting Robert Vadra.” – said the leader of dogs in an exclusive interview at Amar nagar police station in Lajpat area. “We thought he is here to make land deals in Amar colony too. We were only protesting to protect our illegal colony. Even we could have escaped with escape velocity of Jupiter like dalits, but we did not.”

While replying to our question of what are their plans now, the dogs unanimously responded that once released from custody, they will straight head for Aam Aadmi Party volunteer program for general elections. “They are the only ones who treat everyone equally. Be it dogs or poors or beggers.” added little puppy, son of the gang leader who had decided to stay away from the protest considering Modi’s puppy remark.