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Rahul Gandhi denied right to vote as name on voter card says Pappu Gandhi

In a rather disappointing turn of events, Rahul Gandhi was denied his right to vote as his name on voter card said Pappu Gandhi. When local authority appointed by Chief Electoral Office at Aurangzeb Lane polling station pointed out his name on voter card as Pappu Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi’s claim of being a responsible citizen fell apart. After much heated discussion over Pappu Gandhi being his nickname, Rahul Gandhi was barred from exercising his right to vote in Delhi assembly elections. While entire Delhi had lined up at polling booths to caste their votes, Rahul Gandhi had to spend this important day in frustration over his name.

Rahul Gandhi expressed his disappointment after he found out that his name on his voter card was printed as Pappu Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi expressed his disappointment after he found out that his name on his voter card was printed as Pappu Gandhi

“Murphy’s law never stops haunting my child.” Said Sonia Gandhi when she saw Rahul Gandhi walking back to his house without having his middle finger inked. “This confusion over his name being Pappu Gandhi is really delaying the progress of our nation. Earlier it was at Doon school, and now this Delhi elections. Election commission of India has played a cruel joke with him. I even had my name printed on his voter card as mother so that none questions him while he exercises his right to vote, even if it because of his IQ. But this confusion over his name was a deal-breaker ! Look at his face in voter card. How can someone not let this innocent poor looking child caste his vote?”

Delhi’s present chief minister Sheila Dixit immediately demanded CBI inquiry to probe into this scam. She accused Election Commission for playing this prank with Rahul Gandhi.

Responding to Sheila Dixit’s accusations, Mr. V.S.Sampath, the present Chief Election Commissioner said “We only did what we had been told to. We had clear instructions that kindly provide voter cards to migrants solely based on verbal information. We had more than 5000 bangladeshi migrants whom we had to provide voter cards. We thought we might just do the same for migrants from Italy as well. Everyone we asked, confirmed Rahul Gandhi’s name as Pappu Gandhi, and that’s what we printed on his voter card. We know he does not have much an IQ, but our intention was never to stop him from casting his vote.”

“Even my voter card reads my name as Dogvijay Singh, but they never stopped me from voting ! What they did with Rahul baba is totally unfair.” Digvijay singh made a sad-puppy-face while talking to media.

Kapil Sibal tried to console Rahul Gandhi and advised him to maintain two voter cards from now on with both names to avoid any confusion in upcoming general elections.