• Monnika Bisht

    Did Rahul credit this Shaddi Security Bill to his MAA???

    • Pappu Gandhi

      of course he did. Every word of it !

  • Manisha

    Pappu will finally marry saala! woh bhi ek nehi 16000!! jhinga lala hoo :-))

    • namo4pm

      Not after upa’s new ban 😉

    • kjds

      good job you Political Benifiter. Lol you can’t wash my mind……

  • Manjari Sanyal

    Pappu ka uthta nahi hai,as per thestatement of Veronica,so Robi will have a rollicking time .He is now tired of old foggie Piyu.

  • Pratham Pappu

    you forgot to include his “Congress Party ko desh se nikaalo” video